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Our most advanced intraoral scanner yet.
The iTero Lumina™ scanner pushes the boundaries of what intraoral scanners can do thanks to iTero Multi-Direct Capture™ (MDC) technology. With effortless scanning and superior visualization , it sets the new standard for practice performance .

iTero Multi-Direct Capture™ technology provides a 3X larger field of view 4 and maximum capture distance of 25mm, simplifying the capture of challenging areas such as palates, edentulous spaces, partially erupted and crowded teeth.

Scan effortlessly at 2x the speed 2 with exceptionally wide field of view and capture distance, enabling minimal maneuvering that sets a new level of ergonomics and comfort. Plus, eliminate the need for intraoral photos in patient record-taking and Invisalign ® cases.

Offer a more comfortable experience for adults, kids and teens alike, with a 50% narrower wall 3 and increased scanning speed. Plus, enhance patient engagement and motivation with exceptional 3D model quality across all visualizations and simulations.


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