Trends in the dental sector

Major changes are on the way in many sectors, including the dental sector. But what are the trends within the dental sector?


 Automation is becoming smarter and smarter. Whereas at first it was just about electronic patient record keeping and appointment management, software is increasingly used as a virtual assistant to analyse X-rays and determine the right treatment (this is how a second opinion already takes place).


 3D printing

 In addition, 3D printing has also been on the rise in recent years: it is expected that in the future, technical work currently performed by humans will be able to be taken over by machines. This will shift the dentist’s core competences. Smart robots in the future can perform cavity preparation and crown and bridge work, giving the dentist other tasks.

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Less anxiety in patients

 Many patients are anxious about going to the dentist, they often don’t know what to expect. With the help of VR, patients are distracted, feel less pain and have an overall better experience at the dentist. Through virtual mockups, patients undergoing cosmetic procedures can get an idea of the expected outcome and also experience less stress about the outcome.


 Laser dentistry

 Before laser dentistry, procedures such as filling cavities and repairing damaged gums required invasive and often painful treatments. In some cases, laser technology can even replace dental drills to remove or reshape tissue, remove cavities, repair fillings and so on. Laser dentistry enables minimally invasive surgery. Minimally invasive surgery ensures less bleeding, little to no pain, faster healing and a lower risk of infection.


Artificial intelligence

 Employing artificial intelligence may reduce the amount of examinations needed to detect a pathology. Thus, radiation exposure is reduced. Earlier diagnosis is possible and treatment can be started earlier.

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Demand for natural oral hygiene products

 Natural, clean and sustainable personal care products have become increasingly popular in recent years. Just think of herbal toothpaste or mouthwash, bamboo toothbrushes,…


Economies of scale and group practices

 There is an increase in collaborations within oral care. Certain partial treatments are performed by specialists and other treatments are delegated to a dental hygienist or other staff within oral care. In addition, dentists are increasingly opting for group practices. A visit to dentex gives you the opportunity to network with other professionals within the sector.

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