As the worldwide leader in local anesthetics, we are committed to improving anesthetics with tailored benefit/risk profile and reduced pain.

As a result we continuously improve our anesthetic formulations to offer a broad range of local anesthetics solutions to our practitioners. Septodont has introduced a range of innovative products for pain management including:

• The new Ultra Safety Plus needles and single-use sterile injectable device with a protective sheath to prevent exposure to accidental needle stick injuries.
• Septoject Evolution, an innovative needle with a patented scalpel-designed bevel engineered for a smoother penetration and reduced deflection for a better control and accuracy.
• A range of lightweight and compact syringes, available in different sizes to help reduce hand fatigue.

Beyond pain management, Septodont has introduced an innovative range of products in dental restorative materials. Following the introduction of Biodentine®, a proprietary breakthrough dentine replacement solution which benefit from more than a hundred of publications worldwide, we recently launched Bioroot RCS® a bioactive material for root canal sealing with demonstrated bioactive features.

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NEW SeptoCone

NEW SeptoCone

All tooth extraction should be followed by appropriate treatment of the extraction cavity. SeptoCone is a collagen cone of equine origin with many benefits…

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