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Safe Matrix disposable Matrixband



– Universal application
SafeMatrix is suitable for all MO/OD and MOD cavities, as well as for cusp build-ups and as a protective shield for the neighbouring tooth during preparation.
– Compatibility
May be used with all restorative materials and with wedges and rubber dams.
Optimal fit
– Tensioning mechanism and conical adaptation
to the tooth ensure tight interproximal contact.
– User-friendly design
Narrow neck and rounded edges provide safe and easy access during treatment.
– Hygienic
Each matrix is individually packaged. As a single-use product, it does not require reprocessing.
– Time-saving
No need for time-consuming assembly of band and holder.
– Gentle
Eliminates the risk of injuries to gingiva and cheeks often caused by sharp edges or corroded surfaces on metal holders.

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