Dentex 2022, put the crown on your work

For three days, we welcome you to Brussels Expo, palace 5 to connect with the key players in the market. This is what you can expect.

Programme Thursday, 29 September


11.00 am

At the beginning of 2022, the law on quality practice came into force, and additional obligations were included in the nomenclature in order to be able to attest. Thus, as of 1 October, it will be possible to delegate some reimbursable treatments to oral hygienists. What are the conditions for this? In his lecture, Marc Seijnhaeve will provide insight into the practical consequences of these changes, and will also explain some lesser known nomenclature facts.

2 PM

Professor and clinic director of the Orthodontic Program at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) at the Erasme Hospital How can dental practices accelerate digital adoption and exploit the potential of advanced digital solutions to ensure comprehensive care and support across all interfaces of the care process?


10:30 am

The placement of stiches in the mouth is not always self-evident: “Do I place a suture after extraction of a baby tooth?”, “Should I place a suture differently if the patient is on blood thinners?”, “Do I choose a spontaneously absorbable thread here or not?”, “How do I place another continuous suture?”. A good basic knowledge about when to suture or not to suture, type of thread, type of suture and further follow-up is indispensable in dentistry. In this practically oriented session, we focus on how to suture smoothly and we learn the basics of how to place sutures. At the end of this workshop, you should have enough knowledge to buy your own type of thread and material, to estimate when you need to suture or not, to suture smoothly and to apply the right technique in every basic situation.

10:30 AM

Jan Stanley Brown Samy Ayachi Floris Keyzer Understand and get ready for the future of dentistry with Web3, VR & Metaverse.

3.30 pm

Wouter discusses the possibilities, advantages and applications of the digital intraoral scanner. Many dentists are very eager to start with digital dentistry. The purchase of an intra-oral scanner is a first step into the world of digital dentistry. The purchase of an intra oral scanner is quite an investment and should be considered. How does a digital oral scanner work and which scanners are currently on the market? What are their applications in dentistry and how do you integrate them into a modern practice? Based on clinical cases, Reybrouck Wouter will give an overview of the possibilities to digitize the workflow of the daily practice as much as possible. Different brands of intra oral scanners will be available for testing and tips and tricks will be demonstrated. Wouter Reybrouck will guide the participants individually in this practical workshop.

Guided Tour

During the tour we will stop at 4 booths where you will receive a demo and a unique surprise each time. The tour you can’t miss!

10:30 am

 Booth 5452 | Vlaamse beroepsvereniging tandartsen

3:30 pm

 Booth 5452 | Vlaamse beroepsvereniging tandartsen


1 pm

Nicolas Jacquet & James Goffin (Own Capital) | Real Estate Investment in Belgium Discussion with expert : Real Estate Investment in Belgium : Update on current market situation and focus on investment strategies + Q&A


Michèle Aerden (CSD) |  Live talk + Dentalia show interview (FR)


12.30 PM

Join and participate to an open talk on sustainable dentistry with Dr. Philippe Moock


10:00 – 18:00

Be ready for what’s coming next. Understand the overall direction and capabilities of digitalization and VR. Try out the latest technology within the Dentalia Village



Live open talk with experts – Nicolas Jacquet & James Goffin – Own Group
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