Microbrush® applicators


Microbrush® applicators

At Microbrush International, we design and manufacture restorative dental accessories of the highest quality. Offering a complete range of products to fulfill the unique needs and desires of dentists around the world, our products enable them to better practice their craft with greater convenience, greater consistency, and greater control.

Dentists can choose our products with confidence, knowing that every product out-of-the-box will reliably deliver the same performance as the last.

Our original award-winning Microbrush applicators feature non-absorbent fiber tips and a bendable neck to give dentists maximum control of their procedures. Packaged in convenient, practical tubes for hygienic dispensing or tray refills designed to fit in the Microbrush sion™ dispenser. These applicators are for single use and offered in a variety of sizes and colors. As a recent addition to the program, we are now offering ultrafine applicators with 0.5mm diameter.


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