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Young® Dental

With the Young® Dental brand, we provide innovative and high-quality products for prophylaxis. A wide selection of latex and BPA-free prophy cups and disposable prophy angles, disclosing solutions and tablets.

The prophy cups, and disposable prophy angles are a demonstrable improvement thanks to their remarkable efficiency and stain removal.

While the disposable prophy angles from Young Dental have been well-known as prophylaxis bestsellers for many years in the US and Sweden, these prophy angles are now conquering the rest of Europe as well. The single-use principle reduces time and costs, as providers no longer have to disinfect these products. Since you just replace the prophy polishing head for each patient, you reduce maintenance and wear on your prophy angle, as no damaging polish dust can get into the prophy angle. The disposable prophy angles are fitted with high-quality Young prophy cups.

Young Dental prophy cups are manufactured with the company’s proprietary rubber that perfectly adapts to the contour of the tooth. This avoids avoid splatter and allows you to achieve an excellent prophylaxis result. The prophy cups are available in two different lengths (short and long) and in three degrees of firmness (firm, soft, extra soft). They are available with a so-called latch-type (RA) connection or a screw cap. We provide a large selection of prophy cups so that you can respect the individual needs of your patients as their practitioner.

All prophy cups and disposable prophy angles that are used by Young Dental in Europe for dental treatment are made of a special rubber that is free of latex and artificial plasticisers (BPA).





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