American Eagle Instruments®


American Eagle Instruments®

American Eagle Instruments® offers comprehensive lines of dental products designed for the forward-thinking dental professional. Our product lines include diagnostic, curettes, scalers, titanium implant instruments, composites, restorative, and cone socket instruments. Additionally, American Eagle provides associated dental products which include instrument cassettes for an efficient and hygienic reprocessing and storage of your high-quality dental instruments. As well as sharpening systems for the correct sharpening of scalers and curettes.

No more sharpening
American Eagle is known for its XP Technology® surface technology, which has revolutionised periodontal treatment. The patented surface alloy of our XP instruments creates a razor-sharp cutting edge that stays sharp longer than comparable hand instruments with carbon or stainless steel working ends. XP Technology is the latest innovation in dental hand instruments and offers you instruments that you no longer need to sharpen.

For all users who want to sharpen their scalers and curettes, we also offer a comprehensive product portfolio with our Talon Tough™ instruments with stainless steel working ends.

Environmentally friendly and cost-saving
We offer our periodontal instruments as complete instruments or with exchangeable Quik-Tip™ tips. Customise your hand instrument with different coloured handles and the familiar scaler and curette tips. In this way, you never have to replace the entire instrument when it wears out, just the worn working end. This reduces costs and protects the environment.





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