Put the crown on your work with a visit to Dentex 2022


For three days, we welcome you to Brussels Expo, palace 5 to connect with the key players in the market. This is what you can expect.

Programme Thursday 29 september


10.30 AM

Michèle, Secretary general CSD Information session on the latest regulatory changes.

2.00 PM

Jan Stanley Brown | Dentaverse Tommie Van de Velde | Mond Olivier Calmels | Clinique dentaire Van Volxem
6.00 PM
Michiel, Restorative Dentist (NVVRT) and advisor on sustainable oral care. All around us we see the consequences of global warming becoming increasingly apparent. Not far away but right in front of us. Healthcare contributes on average 7% to the emission of greenhouse gases. We are facing a major challenge worldwide. In oral care, too, we must and can do our part. How can we use natural resources such as raw materials, water and energy sparingly in oral care? Where are we now and where do we have to go? Every step counts, join us and start tomorrow by making your practice more future-proof!


10.30 AM

Performing extractions in a dental practice is not always easy. In this session, the extraction will be explained from A to Z. We will discuss (contra)indications, preparation, extraction and aftercare. But also how to deal with complications. Video fragments will be used to explain the extraction in practice.

10:30 AM

Jan Stanley Brown Samy Ayachi Floris Keyzer Understand and get ready for the future of dentistry with Web3, VR & Metaverse.

1 PM

Capture the most natural smile of the patient

3.30 PM

We all know that we should use a rubber dam for root canal treatments. Who are they, what inspires them and why don’t they use it? In this lecture, the use of the rubber dam will be discussed. What are the advantages, what are the disadvantages? How to proceed in practice as a dentist. On the basis of literature and clinical examples, I will convince the participants that they cannot do without it. Furthermore, various tips and tricks will be presented to facilitate the use. These tips and tricks will be put into practice during the workshop. The key learning points are:
  • Understanding why the use of the rubber dam is necessary.
  • How to place a rubber dam in an easy and predictable way. .

Guided Tour

During the tour we will stop at 4 stands where you will receive a demo and a unique surprise each time. The tour not to be missed!

10.30 AM

 Booth V3 | Vlaamse beroepsvereniging tandartsen

3.30 PM

 Booth V3 | Vlaamse beroepsvereniging tandartsen



Duurzame tandheelkunde: How-to Guide voor tandartspraktijken: Deze lezing verkent het bewijs over hoe tandheelkunde bijdraagt aan schade aan de planeet, manieren om het te verminderen, en bereidt tandheelkundige teams voor om duurzamer te worden + Q&A


12.30 PM

Dr. Philippe Moock | Open talk on sustainable dentistry


10:00 – 18:00

Be ready for what’s coming next. Understand the overall direction and capabilities of digitalization and VR. Try out the latest technology within the Dentalia Village



Live open talk with Startup founder – Martin Ravets – Mawzi
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