miscea Sensor Faucets in New Colors and Surface Finishes


Le système miscea LIGHT vous est proposée en plusieurs couleurs et finitions.

Ensure perfect hand hygiene
Conventional faucets and dispensers make it easy for germs and bacteria to spread through hands to other people and other surfaces. For this reason, the risk of cross-contamination when using conventional products is higher than when using sensor-controlled solutions. miscea sensor fittings are operated completely contact-free.

Integrated soap dispenser
The soap dispenser can also be integrated optionally and contact-free. This enables hygienic hand washing without a single hand contact and completely avoids cross-contamination.

Design stylish, clear and clean rooms
Whether in a doctor’s surgery or in a public space: the surfaces around the fitting and the washbasin should be designed as cleanly and clearly as possible.

Conventional wall dispensers significantly disrupt the appearance of a wash area. In addition, their use causes massive pollution in its environment.

The miscea LIGHT sensor faucets dispense the soap directly from the faucet body without the water and soap coming into contact with each other. This creates a visually appealing, clean washing area and minimizes the cleaning effort.

New colors and finishes
With new high-quality surface designs, the miscea LIGHT fitting becomes even more individual. Choose between trendy matt colors or classic metallic surfaces. Due to the variety of surfaces, the appearance of the washing area can be further optimized and upgraded to a hygienic and visual eye-catcher.





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