Nardi Compressori’s DRYER 400, is made to dry the air before it is stored inside the tank. This chemical-physical
process of heterogenous adsorption, has the task of removing moisture and dew that is formed by compressing air,
resulting in dry air ready for every type of use.
Furthermore, the DRYER 400 is equipped with an external coil for cooling the compressed air, thereby further improving
its quality.
Nardi Compressori’s DRYER 400 automatically regenerates the dessicant material, purging the residual humidity, through a solenoid valve located in the part below the filter cartridge..
The air initially passes through the cooling coil, connected to a separator which removes the largest part of moisture.
After this first step, the air is forced through the filter cartridge, which eliminates any residual humidity still present, and
then finally, moves into a small tank before being stored in the tank of the compressor. At the time of shutdown, after
reaching the maximum pressure, dry air in the small tank is flowed slowly and in a contrary manner into the filter
cartridge, cleaning the desiccant material from impurities, and at the same time regenerating it.
When all the pressure is released, the last discharge of the first separator also opens, thus draining the system completely.



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