Mouthacid® developed the first European patented mouth acid inhibitor on the market.

Our starting point was a serious concern, grown from the daily business of the dental practice of one of our founders dentist Steven De Mars. Our ambition is to move the focus from a dental hygiene to a complete mouth (oral) hygiene. Today we see that the main focus is still too much enhanced on the teeth while the rest of the mouth is left a side.

Many patients with quickly evolving caries and erosion issues (as a consequence of Parkinson, Alzheimer, polymedication, use of drugs, Sjögren syndrome, oncological patients, pregnancy,…) and a scientifical article with the title “Rinsing with antacid suspension reduces hydrochloric acid-induced erosion.” inspired us to develop a mouth acid inhibitor.

Daily oral care is more than toothbrushing and healthy food. Having healthy and enough saliva is essential to protect our teeth. Many things have an influence on the quality and the quantity of saliva in our mouth.

Mouthacid®, the product that we have developed through the years, offers specific solutions to support and improve the oral hygiene. We strive to simplicity and efficiency in the daily oral care, based on scientific insights and years of practical experience.
Through Mouthacid we would like to shift the angle of view from sugar consumption to effects of acids (direct, indirect, intrinsic and extrinsic) on the teeth, and of course also the importance of healthy saliva to neutralize the acids. The dental practice confirms this thesis on a daily base.

Mouthacid® stops immediately the acid attack (after 1 minute). The teeth are better protected and the oral hygiene significantly improves.

Mouthacid® is available in a gel (oral use). Just rinsing during 1 minute is enough to neutralize the acid attack immediately.
We also developed a toothpaste, advised by dermatologists, because many solutions on the market contain high allergic components.



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