Chambre Syndicale Dentaire

Chambre Syndicale Dentaire


The ASBL Chambre Syndicale Dentaire (CSD) is the professional organisation representing French and German speaking dentists in Belgium.

– to group dental practitioners into a professional defence organisation advocating the liberal practice of dentistry
– to inform and educate the population about oral hygiene and health
– to organise training courses and seminars as well as professional and scientific conferences to seek and provoke by all means the adoption, by all competent authorities, of measures it deems useful to the interests of its members
– to ensure the representation, protection and defence of the interests of its members, to study, encourage and carry out all material and moral activities that may be useful to its members
– to centralise all information concerning the dental profession and to document its members and the public
– to study the application and repercussions of social, fiscal and other laws on the dental profession
– to defend its members before any judicial or other body
– to stimulate a spirit of brotherhood, solidarity and professional discipline among its members
– to defend the moral position of the dental profession against all those who, by their actions, writings or words, would risk tarnishing the honour of the profession

Our mission

The CSD defends the interests of its members by sitting on all bodies where the presence of dental practitioners is required, in particular on the various commissions of the National Institute for Insurance against Sickness and Disability and the Council of the Dental Profession.

It also sits on the international decision-making bodies of the European Union through the European Council of Dentists (ECD), at the global level within the FDI World Dental Federation, as well as in the European Regional Organisation of the FDI.

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