All-Digital-in-Dental – 5639


Company focused on the development of digital solutions in dentistry.
The only company to offer a choice of 8 brands of radiological equipment, 4 brands of optical microscopes, and a whole series of software to create complete, tailor-made digital solutions.
An internal organization allowing customer support following an extended schedule that better meets the similar schedules of practitioners.
Based on customer opinions, attentiveness, quality of advice, very clear offers and availability well above the usual in the sector.
A few recognized exclusives:
– Zumax microscope which combines German optical quality, modularity of optimal adaptation to the wishes of each user at a more than competitive price.
– the CR2 developer which is on a par with the best on the market but much more ergonomic and affordable in price
– the Fussen intraoral 3D scanner, leader of the new trend of recent high-precision scanners, but now 100% automatic and at a very affordable price, especially without the cost of an annual re-licence.



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